• Image of Writhe (Medusa)
  • Image of Writhe (Medusa)
  • Image of Writhe (Medusa)

*Comes in two sizes! Check options below.*

I never really believed that Medusa was "so ugly that she turned men to stone." According to Ovid, Medusa was originally a ravishingly beautiful maiden, "the jealous aspiration of many suitors," but because Poseidon had raped her in Athena's temple, the enraged Athena transformed Medusa's beautiful hair to serpents and made her face so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn onlookers to stone. Now that's messed up, no matter how you look at it.

But Medusa's the famous one now, not Athena, and it's time she be celebrated for it. I loved making this. I loved giving her skin and hair that marbled, statuesque appearance, and I loved adding the little gold touches at the end! I know you'll love it, too.

This illustration has been printed on Archival Fine Art paper, inked with gold and signed by the artist on the back (or the front - just let me know!).

Black and white and gold.
Small Measurements: 10"w x 6"h
Large Measurements: 16.25 x 10"